OS Configuration Settings

  • Settings > Sound and Notification
    • Set volume and vibration as preferred
  • Settings > Sound and Notification > Application Notifications
    • <Tap> on News Station icon/title
    • Set Allow Notifications to "ON" (Color*) to enable Push Notifications.
      Or, set Allow Notifications to "OFF (Gray/white) to disable Push Notifications.
    • Set Priority based upon your preference when in "Do Not Disturb" mode (default position is all-white).
      If disabled you will not receive any Notifications from the app during a "Do Not Disturb" period.

News App Configuration Settings
  • <Tap> the Menu icon in upper-left corner (3 horizontal bars)
    • <Tap> Settings
      • Set the "PUSH NOTIFICATIONS" slide-switch to the right (it should then change to a color) to enable Push Notifications.
        Or, set the slide-switch to the Left (it should then change to black/gray) to disable Push Notifications.
      • Set the slide-switch to the Right (ON/color) for each of the "Notification Types" you want to receive.
    • Return to the Home page.

*Note: Actual color of the slide-switches may vary by OS version.  With v5 (Marshmallow) the color is green.